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The initial view on medical coding and billing online program looks great! Very clean and organized. It has the light and fresh look that people enjoy. One of the things I like to do when researching someone’s services is to look at the reviews that were posted, specifically the bad/low ratings. A few I read were about the free laptop they got and how they were disappointed on the ordering/shipping time (had to wait four weeks before getting it, due to an employee who forgot to put the order in) and then the laptop was broken when they received it, another with how they felt thier phone reps should be more understanding in the case of the client/potential client and that they should be more educated in working with diverse people. The positive ones were sometimes shallow in their message, but as I dug into them a little, it showed that they strive to give you the best path in their program from the start. Those are great steps to make at the beginning for one starting out on a new journey. There’s always room for improvement, but this looks great! Good work! 

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